Once they successfully complete the Prepare To SOAR Academy, first-year academy graduates are invited to attend the Learn To SOAR Academy in the following summer. Similarly, the second- and third-year graduates will be invited to attend the Time To SOAR and SOAR To Your Future academies in the subsequent years.

SOAR provides sustained support until our young people complete their first year in college, (second year for Summer Internship Program participants), whether they are relocated outside the Bay Area, remain in the foster care system, or are adopted or reunited with their biological parents.

Summer program graduates whose GPA is C or above and have shown great potential can compete to become a SOAR Junior Counselor. Junior Counselors are expected to work as student aides at summer academies and will receive a small stipend. Once they are 18 years old and have served for two consecutive years, a successful Junior Counselor can be promoted to be an Academy Counselor.