This academy gives second-year students opportunities to safely explore within the SOAR for Youth environment. The focus is on learning academically and growing socially.

While learning skills that help them succeed in life, the teens have time to get reacquainted with their peers from the previous year’s academy (Prepare To SOAR). By participating in rigorous outdoor activities, they bond, build additional trust, learn intensive teamwork, and gain greater self-esteem. Classes include:

  • Project management
  • Computer classes (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Exploring personality types
  • Career catalyst
  • Impact of trauma and what one can do about it
  • Etiquette

Career night features role models from various professions such as business and law to demonstrate what one can achieve in life with determination and hard work. Each youth leaves with a vision board that they have created. These boards describing their desired future serve as a tangible reminder of what they have decided to strive for while away from the SOAR academies.