SOAR for Youth creates a bright future for Bay Area foster youths, who are among the most vulnerable members of our society. Partnering with UC Berkeley, SOAR helps these young people aged 11-19 move through adolescence and into their adult lives with independence and purpose. We believe that support at this life-stage has the most positive influence on their journey to success.

In 2018, SOAR launched an internship program to motivate and reward our academically successful summer program graduates and to provide them with real-world work experience. In 2019, we expanded this program to serve more SOAR youths and increased the maximum internship hours. Our deep community connections aided in the recruitment of employers that were not only prestigious and in agreement with SOAR’s mission, but also fit our students’ interests. SOAR pays each student a stipend and covers transportation costs to assist those interns who need help. Based on the responses to our surveys, 100% of the interns would recommend the program to another student, and 100% said that they would consider another internship in the future. Employers agreed that they would take another intern and recommend SOAR interns to friends and colleagues. As one mentor put it: “I think this is a great program and would love to mentor another intern next summer.”

Interested in Becoming an Internship Mentor?

SOAR for Youth invites you to be part of the exciting journey our high-achievers take in pursuit of a meaningful professional future. We hope you will consider financially supporting these resilient foster youths or partnering with SOAR by providing an internship opportunity. For more information on our 2021 Summer Internship Program, please email

Summer Internship Youth Testimonials

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