To help ensure that our youths pursue an educational course leading to the fulfillment of their life goals and a bright future, we offer individualized academic support to SOAR youths who need it, until they graduate from high school and through at least their first year in college.

Caring, well-educated adults are trained and carefully matched to advocate for these young people. Our Academic Advocates help their advisees stay on track academically and work through personal and emotional challenges. The program is designed individually for each participant, and includes weekly grade checks, tutoring, college and scholarship application assistance, and most importantly, interaction with school counselors when needed to monitor the youths’ progress in school and identify concerns before they become significant problems.

Advocates and youths also share outings such as visits to Bay Area museums, the California Academy of Sciences, the Artworks Foundry, or even cooking classes.

Our Academic Advisor, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, provides clinical support to our Advocates. We encourage and support our Advocates in many ways, including offering a mini-series that covers topics such as adolescent development, understanding stress and trauma, boundaries, and what success looks like.

Academic Advocates are responsible for ensuring that each youth has support for academic success:

  • Meet with the youth’s academic counselors to ensure graduation and completion of A-G Requirements for higher education
  • Maintain a working relationship with the youth’s school staff and guardian/family
  • Assist the youth with the college application and scholarship process
  • Meet with the youth on a regular basis, or weekly as needed
  • Check the school’s online site for attendance, homework status, and grades
  • Identify tutoring needs, or tutor/help the youth with their homework, projects, etc.
  • Communicate regularly on the youth’s academic grades and status in writing or at Academic Advocates meetings

Interested in Becoming an Academic Advocate? Visit “Apply Now to Volunteer”. Alternatively fill out an Independent Contractor Application Form and mail it to